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“SME CONNECT MAGAZINE” has initiated by SME Chamber of India and was launched its first edition at the hands of Dr. Sam Pitroda, the then Adviser to Prime Minister of India on 12th November, 2010 at Mumbai. The concept of Magazine is invented by Shri Chandrakant Salunkhe, Founder & President, SME Chamber of India and Federation of Indian SME Associations as the “VOICE of Indian SMEs” and to provide opportunities to SME sector, entrepreneurs and stakeholders to share their thoughts and brand their products and services.

“SME CONNECT” is a bi-monthly Magazine, a printed and virtual media/portal, providing opportunities to highlight the information related to SME sector, Government policies, schemes, incentives, advantages, benefits, financial institutions’ products and services, various developments related to banking services, initiatives of the various diplomatic missions, business leads about sales and procurement, export business and international cooperation opportunities, taxation and other activities and strategies of various State Governments.

“SME CONNECT MAGAZINE & PORTAL” are a unique platform for Entrepreneurs, SMEs, Start-ups and Young & Women Entrepreneurs, business tycoons, industrialists, inventors and engineers to publish their outstanding contributions, remarkable achievements, exceptional and new business concepts & ideas, invented new products and services, launch of advanced technology and services, success stories, interviews and post event information related to business conferences, various deliberations, debates, round table meetings, interactions with the policy makers organised by SME Chamber of India.

“SME CONNECT MAGAZINE” is also providing platform to policy makers, Government officials, Heads of the corporates and financial institutions to share their views and thoughts on the various developments in the manufacturing, banking, finance, advanced technology, marketing, IT & ICT, international trade, Human Resource Development, quality assurances, business and financial management ecosystem, new projects, new policies of various regulatory bodies, capital market, international market, financial and investment opportunities for the benefits of SME sector and manufacturing industries.

SME Chamber of India (Small and Medium Business Development Chamber of India) is a prominent National level Chamber, working for the development of SME Sector for the last 29 years, under the Presidentship of Mr. Chandrakant Salunkhe. SME Chamber of India has been providing various business advisory support services to SMEs, manufacturing industries, exporters, service industries, mid-corporates, start-ups, allied industrial & business sectors, business growth, export promotion, Government Services & liaison, supply & procurement, Channelising Finance & investment, Marketing, Branding, Import Facilitation, Setting up new manufacturing industries in India and other countries, identifying partners for Joint Ventures, Technology Transfer, collaborations, Contract Manufacturing tie-ups, advanced and patented technology, strategic business tie-ups with the Indian & overseas companies, mergers & acquisitions, Franchise & Distributorship and enhancement of bi-lateral trade & investments in various countries.

The Chamber is focusing on the empowerment of SME sector for the global competitiveness and has been always on the forefront under the dynamic leadership of its Founder & President, Shri Chandrakant Salunkhe, who has taken a lead for policy change and its implementation, advocated to set up SME Stock Exchange, SME Export Promotion Council, SME Business Management Institute, SME Industrial Parks of India, SME Investment Promotion Council, TReDs platform, SME Credit Check platform, Start-up Council of India, India SME TV, SME Business Forum and country-wise trade councils, for the enhancement of business contacts. He has been putting more efforts to give more importance and attention on SME sector for “Ease of doing business in India” & to ease various rules & regulations of various regulatory bodies. The Chamber has also been taking lead to provide financial facilities from the banking sector and other financial institutions & resolving their issues related to NPAs, restructuring & supporting the struggling SMEs and industries, to revive and survive in the difficult situations.

The Chamber regularly organizes various business promotional activities, executive training & educational programs for imparting knowledge, skill and scale of the entrepreneurs and their workforce, for enhancement of capacities & capabilities, for sustainable growth & better profitability. The Chamber is giving more importance for conducting interactive meetings with the officials & senior executives of various Government Departments, regulatory authorities, corporates, MNCS, financial institutions, diplomats and SMEs, as well as arranging meetings on the various policies, schemes, advantages, incentives, Government facilities, international trade, advanced technology, finance and investments. SME Chamber is providing opportunities to entrepreneurs to share their success stories, branding & marketing of unique and advanced products & services, as well as innovations & inventions, research & development through “India SMEConnect Magazine, SME TV Channel & SMEtalks platform”.

The Chamber has also been recognising and conferring Awards for the last 22 years to Entrepreneurs, Enterprises, Institutions and Individuals, for their outstanding contributions and remarkable achievements, in their respective business fields, by presenting “India SME Excellence Award”, “Emerging SMEs of India”, Rising SMEs of India”, “SME Icons of India”, “Innovative SME of the Year Award”, “Best SME of the Year Award” and “Best Corporate of the Year Award”.

This Magazine is also associated with the Federation of Indian SME Associations, SME Industrial Parks of India, SME Investment Promotion Council, SME Business Management Institute, SME Export Promotion Council, SME Business Forum, Start-ups Council of India, INDIA SME TV, Maharashtra Industrial & Economic Development Association, SME Technology Development Council, Packaging Industry Association of India, World SME Trade Centre, International Trade & Business Promotion Council, Women Entrepreneurs Development Council, SME Insurance Promotion Council, SME Talks and SMECoach.

  • Mouthpiece of SME Chamber of India and its associated organisations
  • Bi-Monthly Magazine
  • Special monthly editions on sector wise
  • Circulation of 45,000 printed copies
  • Circulation of 60,00,000 soft copies
  • Readership from the SMEs, manufacturing, exports, all other industrial and business sectors, Govt. departments, financial institutions, Embassies, Consulates, Corporates, MNCs, Start-ups, associations and organisations, enterprises and various industries from various countries
  • Unique opportunity for advertisement and branding of products and services to connect directly with SMEs
  • Publishes various activities of SME Chamber of India and its associated organisations
  • Business information, leads, and Current affairs related to SME sector
  • Guidance and mentoring thoughts for the benefit of SMEs, Start-ups and Young Entrepreneurs
  • Interviews of Policy Makers, Business Tycoons, Thought Leaders, heads of corporates, Bankers, FIs, etc.
  • Interviews of the Successful Entrepreneurs, SMEs and Industrialists
  • Information on various emerging Businesses, Exports & Investment opportunities
  • Introduction and launch of New Products and Services and advanced technology
  • Articles related to the Finance, Marketing, Materials, Quality, Exports, Imports, technology, Industrial Automation, Innovation, Logistics and people management, Govt. Schemes, Incentives, Important circulars from the Regulating Agencies, Case Studies and Project Profiles
  • Alerts about the forthcoming Conferences, Exhibitions, Seminars, Events and Training Programs

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