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Om Banana Craft Pvt Ltd. receives ₹18.08 Lakh funding from TDB-DST for Innovative Banana Fibre Extraction Project

December 27, 2023


“Revolutionizing Banana Waste: Om Banana Craft’s Modernized Equipment Development for Sustainable fibre Extraction”

“Empowering Agriculture: TDB-DST Backs Om Banana Craft’s Innovative Banana Fibre Extraction Project with ₹18.08 Lakh Funding”

In a strategic move towards fostering grassroots innovation and sustainable agricultural practices, the Technology Development Board (TDB) extends financial support of ₹18.08 lakh to M/s Om Banana Craft Private Limited, Madurai for their innovative project, “Modernized Equipment Development for Banana Fibre Extraction & Value Addition.”

Banana plants, revered for their versatility, generate outer sheaths that often go to waste. Recognizing the untapped potential in banana waste, Mr. Murugesan, a visionary farmer-entrepreneur and the driving force behind Om Banana Craft, developed a mechanized process for banana fibre extraction and rope-making. This innovation not only streamlines the laborious process but also significantly increases production, contributing to a sustainable and eco-friendly initiative.

Om Banana Craft’s founder’s ingenious approach as a grassroots and farmer-innovator tackles the challenges faced by farmers, presenting a mechanized solution to the issue of banana waste. The patented “Banana Fibre Processing Machine & its operation method” stands as a testament to the commitment to easing the labour-intensive process, simultaneously enhancing rope production and deriving additional products from banana sheaths.

By utilizing banana ropes, women in local communities skilfully craft products such as mats, bags, and lampshades, contributing to both domestic markets and international exports. This transformative initiative not only provides economic opportunities for these women but also allows them to engage in handcraft work while fulfilling their family responsibilities.

The sustainable practice of procuring banana pseudo stems directly from local farmers extends beyond economic benefits. This approach actively addresses environmental concerns linked to the disposal of banana plant waste, creating a harmonious balance between economic viability and ecological responsibility.

Sh. Rajesh Kumar Pathak, Secretary, TDB, expressed the board’s commitment to support innovative projects that promote sustainable farming practices and rural development. He remarked, “M/s Om Banana Craft Pvt Ltd., through its forward-thinking approach, showcases how agro-waste can be transformed into valuable products, contributing to a greener and economically vibrant future.” “TDB remains dedicated to backing initiatives that not only drive technological advancements but also positively impact the lives of farmers and rural communities, aligning with the government’s vision of empowering the agricultural sector, he added”.

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