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PM Vishwakarma- Pre-bid meeting held on RFPs floated by NSIC

December 29, 2023


PM Vishwakarma- Pre-bid meeting held on RFPs floated by NSIC for supply & distribution of Tool Kits under PM Vishwakarma Scheme

NSIC has uploaded RFPs (Request for Proposals) on behalf of M/o MSME on e-procurement (Central Pubic Procurement Portal), inviting proposals for selection of Vendors for supply & distribution of Toolkits of all 18 trades under PM Vishwakarma Scheme. As per the RFPs, the last date of bid submission is scheduled on 08.01.2024 and the bids are due to open on 09.01.2024.

In terms of RFPs floated, NSIC organised a Pre-bid meeting on 27.12.2023 in New Delhi to disseminate the terms & conditions of the RFP and to further address the queries of the prospective bidders. The Pre-bid meeting was attended by Shri S.C.L. Das, Secretary, MSME alongwith officials of PM Vishwakarma Division (MSME), Shri Vipul Goel, CMD, NSIC alongwith Shri Kartikeya Sinha, Director (P&M) and Shri Gaurav Gulati, Director (Finance) and concerned officials. 64 participants from prospective Vendors/Manufacturers/Suppliers of the Toolkits attended the meeting physically & through online mode from across the country with active participation raising wide range of queries during question- answer session. The queries were suitably replied by CMD, NSIC alongwith Director (P&M) and Director (Finance).

After the question answer session, the participants were requested to submit their further queries, if any, by 28.12.2023 (5:00 PM) for deliberations of the authorities and further necessary action in the matter.

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