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Shri S. Somanath, ISRO addressed Young minds in Students Innovation Festival - Space Hackathon at IISF 2023

January 18, 2024


The second day of the Student Innovation Festival – Space Hackathon of IISF 2023 witnessed a remarkable address by Shri S Somanath, Secretary, Department of Space, and Chairman, ISRO. Engaging with students from across the country, Shri Somanath shared his valuable insights and motivation, encouraging participants to explore the endless possibilities in space technologies.

During his address, Shri S Somanath emphasized the pivotal role of space technologies in various sectors, ranging from agriculture and remote sensing to navigation, transport, water resources, infrastructure, and more. He highlighted the significance of the Bhuvan portal and its applications for the common man, fostering innovation and societal development.

Interacting with the grand finale participants, Shri S Somanath engaged in discussions and deliberations, witnessing firsthand the applications developed during the 30-hour hackathon. He stressed the importance of such initiatives for societal progress and nation-building, expressing optimism about the opportunities emerging from the new ISRO policy implemented in 2023, which actively supports startups in the space sector.

Shri S. Somanath, ISRO, Chairman with Coordinators of SIF-Space Hackathon 2023

“In 2023, ISRO opened its doors to startups, transforming into an organization that fosters values, entrepreneurship, and innovation. We are no longer a secret entity; instead, we aim to create meaningful contributions to society,” stated Shri S Somanath. He extended his best wishes for the participants, hoping that the hackathon serves as a significant learning opportunity for the students.

In addition to addressing the participants, Shri S Somanath interacted with key contributors to the event, including the teams from ISRO, NIF, and Vijnana Bharti (VIBHA), acknowledging their instrumental role in the success of the Space Hackathon.

Shri S. Somanath with Students

The hackathon, which ran for 30 hours, concluded today with students showcasing exceptional enthusiasm and creativity. The event not only provided a platform for students to compete but also fostered collaboration, innovation, and a deeper understanding of the vast possibilities within the realm of space technologies.

The Science Media Communication Cell (SMCC) of CSIR-NIScPR coordinated the media publicity and visibility of the Students Innovation Festival – Space Hackathon 2023 at print, electronic and social media platforms.

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