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CSIR-NIScPR Organizes Workshop on “How to Spread Science-based Stories though Radio

February 26, 2024


The CSIR-National Institute of Science Communication and Policy Research (NIScPR) hosted an Orientation Workshop today, empowering its Science Media Communication Cell (SMCC) with valuable insights from renowned expert. The workshop, held at Vivekananda Hall, CSIR-NIScPR, Pusa, New Delhi, aimed to train the SMCC staff as well as the Ph.D. students with effective strategies to communicate S&T stories to the public through radio.

From (L to R): Shri Kuldeep Dhatwalia, Shri Manoj Mainkar, Dr. Sujit Bhattacharya and Dr. Manish Mohan Gore. Sujit Dr. Bhattacharya, Chief Scientist & Officiating Director, CSIR-NIScPR delivered the welcome address during the workshop.

Shri Manoj Mainkar, Program Executive at All India Radio, New Delhi Station shared his valuable insights on crafting compelling science narratives for the audio format. He delved into the essential elements of vocal delivery, including voice quality (VQ), Voice emotional quotient (VEQ), and texture. He addressed the importance of clear pronunciation, engaging delivery, and effective use of modern spoken language both English and Hindi to connect with diverse audiences and make science stories come alive for radio listeners.

Shri Manoj Mainkar spoke the importance of clear pronunciation, engaging delivery, and effective use of modern spoken language for radio

Dr. Sujit Bhattacharya, Chief Scientist and officiating Director of CSIR-NIScPR, emphasized the importance of radio in science communication which bridges the gap between scientific research and the public. He added, “Such workshops train the SMCC with the necessary tools and strategies to disseminate complex S&T information in a clear, engaging, and accessible manner through radio programs.”

The workshop prepared the SMCC with a deep understanding of the power of audio and the nuances of spoken language in communication. Such knowledge and experiences will definitely empower the participants to craft targeted communication strategies that resonate with specific audiences, ultimately fostering greater public engagement with science.

Dr. Manish Mohan Gore, Scientist, CSIR-NIScPR and Principal Investigator, SMCC provided a brief outline about the objectives, work strategy and a few concrete outcomes of SMCC. He mentioned the purpose of the orientation workshop. Shri Kuldeep Dhatwalia, Project Manager, SMCC; project staff members of SMCC as well as Ph.D. students actively participated in the workshop and learnt a lot from the expert.

The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research-National Institute of Science Communication and Policy Research (CSIR-NIScPR) is dedicated to advancing science communication, evidence-based S&T policy research and promoting scientific awareness among the public. Through innovative initiatives and collaborative efforts, CSIR-NIScPR strives to bridge the gap between the scientific community and the general public. Science Media Communication Cell (SMCC) is a new initiative of CSIR-NIScPR to disseminate R&D breakthroughs of Indian labs to society through various platforms of mass media.

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