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Exhibition showcasing impact of Public-Private collaborative funding for the research projects creating products & patents inaugurated

May 23, 2023


A day-long exhibition showcasing the outcome of the projects under the IMPacting Research INnovation and Technology (IMPRINT) II Scheme, aimed to bring forth the Public- Private collaborative funding for the research projects creating products and patents, was inaugurated on 22nd May, 2023 at IIT Delhi.

“The IMPRINT initiative is an unique example where government and the academia are working with industries right from the inception on ideas that can be taken to the market, and many of the technologies and products from this scheme have reached the market,” said Dr. Akhilesh Gupta, Secretary Science and Engineering Broad (SERB) and Senior Advisor Department of Science and Technology (DST) at the inaugural of the Technology Display of IMPRINT outcomes.

Dr. Gupta added that support for such industry-driven research can give rise to models of working on the PPP mode on ideas that are driven by the industry, can make the Indian industry more innovative, encourage more deep tech startups, and make them at par with the developed countries.

The exhibition of the initiative of DST/SERB and Ministry of Education (MoE), where the outcome of approximately 60 projects under 10 Domains of IMPRINT-II was displayed in the form of prototype/poster/other relevant exhibits, witnessed the participation of approximately 300 persons from various stakeholders -scientific community, academicians /researchers, industries, Govt Officials and so on.

Professor Rangan Banerjee, Director, IIT Delhi, emphasised the necessity to identify problems in society where technology can make a difference and pointed out that the technologies under IMPRINT, many of which are on display at the exhibition, are intended to give products that are beneficial for society. Smt. Saumya Gupta, Joint Secretary Ministry of Education, said that initiatives like IMPRINT responded to felt needs of the society and stressed on the need for collaboration and coordination for to create an impact.

IMPacting Research INnovation and Technology (IMPRINT) was launched on November 5, 2015, under the ‘Make in India’ Initiative with a view to promote innovation of a higher order that directly impacts the needs of the industry and thereby improves the competitive edge of the Indian manufacturing ecosystem.

The program was initiated with the aim to address major engineering and technology challenges in 10 selected domains relevant to our country’s needs. The Scheme was intended to bring forth collaborative funding for research projects that would create products and patents. The 10 domains are- environment and climate, energy security, healthcare technology, sustainable habitat, water resources, advanced materials, information & communication technology, manufacturing technology, nano-technology, and security & defence.

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